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These past few weeks have been very eventful; to say the least…


Mother Nature has been remodeling the landscape on some parts of the world.


Hurricanes… Earthquakes…. more hurricanes… and more quakes…


Irma hit the Caribbean Islands, Cuba, and the Florida Keys; and obliterated much of the settlement there;


Then came Maria, who seemed to pick up where Irma left off; and did a number on Puerto Rico, and Dominica;all while Mexico dealt with the devastation of a 7.1 magnitude quake; and just recently, another at 6.1.


What happens next; and where it happens; is anyone’s guess.


Yet amidst the damage, the rubble, the pain, and the anguish; hope lives on…


People unite to help the needy. Strangers pool together their resources to alleviate the victims’ suffering. It is during these times that man’s finest hour is defined.


However, it should not take such catastrophes to pull us together and actually make someone else’s life a little better than before.


Some of the wealthiest people in the world lead fund raisers to assist the needy even in normal times…


That’s when giving is just as important as receiving. For us to receive; we must also learn to give freely.


We all depend on each other in one way or another; and it’s just much better to give if you have some—


When I say “some”; I mean resources…. Finances… Money.


Warren Buffett falls in and out of the number 1 spot in the Forbes list of wealthiest people in the world because he habitually gives to charity such a huge portion of his wealth.


Now I’m not suggesting that you give to those in need more than you can and want to; I’m simply saying that helping others will not deprive you of wealth; instead, it’s quite the opposite—it amplifies it.


Some of the biggest givers in the world are the richest among us; simply because they have the resources.

Yet they don’t get poor….


They grow even richer because their charities reach out to more people, they get known for their good deeds, they earn the people’s trust; they “enlarge their territories”, so to speak; and thus, their businesses thrive.


You too, can grow your resources and be able to serve and help others, by planning your finances wisely.


At this day and age, because of technology, there are so many ways to grow your money legitimately even in the comfort of your own home.


And that is something real. Something achievable.


Want to know more?


Watch this space…