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The internet is a vast source of resource for most—if not all–of our needs.


It has also now become a means to earn additional income to augment your current salary.


Here in How to Earn Cash at Home, I will also help you sort through the countless resources that are available online to help you get started in putting up an income-generating online business that could supplement your paycheck; and, if you put in the effort, could even replace what you earn in your current job, work within the four corners of your home, and finally say goodbye to being an employee…. If you so choose.


Earning income online is easier to put up than traditional businesses because it requires very little capital to launch—no office needed… just a computer and an internet connection. But the potential for earnings is as much; and even greater than any office job could ever offer you.


So, if you want to start a PROVEN Internet Business that actually works and generates revenue for its creator; read on…


There are a lot…. Many… self-proclaimed “experts” and “gurus” out there.


They’ll tell you about their credentials, their story, and why you should trust them…


You know how it goes…


In the end, all they were truly after was your money.


And once they get it, it’ll be hard for you to get in touch with them when things go south about their offer; or worse—they just vanish without a trace.


And that makes you… and me… skeptical, when we hear something like this.


And I get it… I was duped, too. Scammed. Taken advantage of.




You can’t start a proven internet business without help. You need guidance, wisdom, and support.


With all the so-called gurus and experts out there thrown into the mix; how can you possibly find someone you can trust to follow?


Fortunately, I found someone. I have been following him for quite a while now. In fact; he was the reason I started to think about the possibility of earning money through the internet.


And he dishes out sound, practical advice.


He’s Jon Orana; the founder of Negosyo University.


His aim is to help Filipino workers make money apart from their salary through the use of the internet; and help aspiring entrepreneurs put up their own income-generating business and achieve their goals.


He has been featured in various media outfits like ABS-CBN; and in print–through the Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, and the Daily Inquirer; among others.


But more than the media appearances; what convinced me that he’s legit, is testimonies…


Proof from people who really made it by following his steps and advice.


And has he helped a LOT.


Jon Orana helped hundreds of Filipinos make money online through his ebook and program. It basically teaches you how to start a Proven Internet Business from scratch.


The ebook and program work because it has helped those who followed its methods earn thousands of pesos online.


–Burn Gutierrez, a guy from Marikina City, made P300,000 in less than 2 months by using Jon’s program.


–Jay Jaramillo, an overseas worker in Qatar, made P200,000 in less than a month—and he did it by working on it 4 hours per week.


I suggest you check Jon Orana out for yourself.


Oh; and he’s giving the ebook that helped Burn and Jay, away for free.


The ebook is about how to start a simple (and PROVEN) internet biz from scratch.


Click here to download it…


This is a 23-page ebook that will show you how to start a PROVEN internet business…Make P40,000/month or more on the side by working on it for only 3-4 hours per day.


Jon has been in this business for 11 years already; and a well-known business coach in the Philippines.


I really don’t want you missing out on this doable, realistic, and insightful information.


Just check it out. Download the ebook now.