“To Cut Down A Tree in Five Minutes; Spend Three Minutes Sharpening Your Axe.”


We all want to earn more; that’s a fact… from something we want to buy, or something we need to do; to  grander objectives like retirement, or putting up a business, or being able to do more for others; we need finances. And it’s not easy to achieve unless you put in the effort to learn how to do it.

Hi everyone, I’m Bryan.  Like most people, l have worked all my adult life. As l grew older (not THAT old), goals changed. When l was younger (see, still young…), all l wanted was to be able to buy clothes and things that l desired. Then years pass by, we grow wiser, we realize that we need to plan for the future, too… like retirement, business, and making the world just a little better by helping others in ways we can. And so goes my quest to find ways to earn more. Because honestly, the salary of most employees (myself included), just won’t cut it.

Luckily for us, this day and age has provided us with the internet. Connecting with people and finishing tasks are easier than ever. Opportunities to earn at home abound giving us more options on how to earn more using our computers and phones. But we need to learn how to do it ethically and effectively. The saying above is one of my favorites because it implies preparation. There are many versions of it; some even attributed to the great Abraham Lincoln;  but more important than who said it, is its meaning. To be able to do something right; we need to study it. We need to invest time and knowledge to learn it before actually doing it; and that’s what this site is about.

I will share with you–my readers and visitors– my experiences and the things l learned along the way. l will also suggest ways to earn cash at home that l actually do which l got from researching and “trial and error”.

If there is anything on my site that captures your attention; please be involved and let me know. l would love to hear about it. l value your feedback.

Also, if you would have any questions, have or need suggestions, or want motivation on putting up a business that makes you earn cash while you are at home, l will be very eager to help out. Just leave your comments below and be sure to check back regularly because l will update my site often with useful information that l know will be beneficial to your quest, too.

Thanks for stopping by!

To our mutual success,